Salim Doost


Software Architect and Computer Scientist
for critical and complex projects
Hanau, Germany
Currently not available
I love solving problems. I enjoy doing so with modern technology. I taught myself programming and wrote my first computer game at the age of 13.
Today, endowed with a masters degree with honors in Computer Science and over ten great years of professional experience, I'm ready to support you and your team creating innovative, user-friendly and effective IT solutions.
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Time Critical

When deadlines threaten project success, simply increasing workforce usually doesn't resolve the issue. Quite the opposite: now you need experienced and effective developers who can work in distraction-free environments with a stable technology stack and short decision paths.

Performance Critical

Large datasets, complex algorithms, real-time communication - IT projects with high performace requirements can quickly become costly and unpredictable. I start with an in-depth analysis to identify bottlenecks. Then I tackle them without losing sight of the entire process.

High Complexity

I'm not at all averse to projects with particularly high technical or technological complexity. That's where I can actually utilize my strengths. I proceed structured and organized to make your project a success.

My Values

  • High Code Quality results in fewer bugs and saves you money in the long run
  • Teamwork with respectful and effective communication.
  • Cost-Effectiveness. Having effort always in mind and prioritizing on what is needed most.
  • Ethics. For a better world – doing what is right instead of easy.
  • Security. Throughout security-aware development and software design.
  • Open-Mindedness towards people, techniques and technologies.


  • Full-Full-Stack Development

    I have multiple years of software engineering experience in backend-development (microservices, web-services, IoT), frontend-development (web, desktop, rich-client, mobile hybrid, iOS and Android), test-automation, game development (2D and 3D) and dev-ops (serverless/cloud, continuous-integration and deployment, monitoring and networking).

  • Big Data Engineering

    With professional experience in ETL/ELT, Scala, Spark, Hadoop, HDFS and more at one of the major european media companies, as well as through my strong work ethic and problem solving capabilities, I will play a significant role in building a successful platform for your data. I support data analysts and data scientists to tackle all the technology challenges such that they can focus on their actual goal. Furthermore, I will be a valuable advisor for big data architectures, cloud migration and efficient data migration strategies.

  • IT Architecture and Tech Lead

    Broad knowledge across different technologies as well as experience in different fields of computer science allow me to plan and create optimal IT Architectures. Furthermore, I've professional experience in leading development teams and undertaking responsiblity of software systems.

  • Algorithms and Datastructures

    With theoretical foundations and practical experience in algorithms and datastructures, I can plan and implement business logic cost-effectively in the long run. Well-designed datastructures and process optimized algorithms are compulsory for scaling your business and maintaining short response times for an excellent user experience even on peak hours.

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

    I can support your team making the previously unthinkable possible with ML & AI techniques. ML & AI are fun to use and allow us to solve problems today that were not imaginable several years ago. But beware of the recent hype as this technology is not always the best choice. Therefore, I also help you decide when good heuristics built with much less effort may perform similarly well.


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As a computer scientist and software developer I embrace and love lifelong learning. Every challenge requires thinking outside the box and enables a chance to grow.

That's why I never identify myself with the technologies I already master. Instead, I focus on methodologies and processes of professional software engineering. I value continuous training and a vast general view of available technologies.

Skills and Languages

  • Agile
  • Backend Development
  • DevOps
  • Frontend Development
  • IT Security
  • Mobile Development
  • System Architecture
  • Team Lead
  • UI/UX
  • Web Development
  • German, English, Persian/Dari, Japanese, French
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Experience and Education (Excerpt)

Contact me for a complete CV including certificates and a list of projects.

  • since Sep 2021
    ,Tokyo, Japan
    Data Science Engineer

    Working closely with data scientists, analysts and engineers as part of the Risk & Analytics team. Understanding their needs, investigating technical solutions, building and maintaining tools, databases, and data pipelines. Assisting the team with software-architecture, big-data (spark), dev ops and team building.

  • since Oct 2008
    Challenge Studios eK
    ,Hanau, Germany
    Co-Founder and CTO

    Together with my fellow student Mathias Bader, we founded Challenge Studios as an IT company focused on e-learning software.

  • Apr 2019 – Sep 2021
    ProSiebenSat.1 Tech Solutions
    ,Munich, Germany
    Lead Scala Engineer / Data-Engineer (freelance)

    Functions: Development, maintenance and optimization of a critical big-data etl framework with scala, spark, hadoop and exasol. Development of a testing-framework. Assisting the team with software-architecture, cloud migration, dev ops and team building.

  • Mar 2015 – Mar 2019
    Dynacrowd GmbH
    ,Wiesbaden, Germany
    Senior Lead Software Engineer

    As the first employee of this startup I participated in all ups and downs and reframings of the company. I enjoyed what this position demands: responsibility, self-initiative, coordination and dedication.

  • Oct 2008 – Mar 2010
    Saarland University
    ,Saarbrücken, Germany
    Master of Science (Computer Science)

    Degree with Honors.

References (Excerpt)

  • I can fully recommend Salim Doost based on four years we worked together. Salim has my highest respect both personally and professionally. Salim was a senior developer, CTO and led a team of up to five developers. His ability to analyze and solve and deliver even the most complex problems is amazing. The implementation speed is impressively high and in customer contact he is always convincing, clear, authentic and reliable. In addition to that he masters a broad range of technologies. If you have the chance to do projects together - you better don’t hesitate.
    Christoph Dümmen, CEO
    Dynacrowd GmbH
  • For difficult assignments and inquiries, Mr Doost showed excellent and well-founded expertise, which he used very reliably. His ability to abstract enabled him to assess complex issues autonomously, well thought-out and realistic. He used his profound development and architecture skills confidently, which was the main reason for his participation in the Capgemini High Potential program. (translated from German)
    Marius Vöhringer, Project Director
    Capgemini Technology Solutions
  • Throughout his stay at my lab, I was really impressed at his gentle and sincere personality, enthusiastic attitude toward work, deep understanding in technology, good sense of system design and reliable and efficient programming skills. […] Nobody in the lab could believe he would really complete the first assignment in three days as he promised. […] He extended the algorithm to support videos and, in addition, he improved the performance of the algorithm by a factor of two. […]
    Shigeki Sagayama, Prof.
    Information Physics and Computing Lab of the University of Tokyo